Don’t be the one left out!!!

!!!The tournament that pays all year!!!


2023 Primetime Bassin’ Big Bass Tournament

Prime Time Bassin Big Bass Tournament for Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend gives you a full calendar year to win some bonus cash each month.

Registration is open and getting registered could get you a hunt.

Register for any of the 2 Lakes and have a chance at winning a 1-night stay with an Axis doe hunt at the in Voss Texas. There will be 1 axis doe hunt with a one-night stay given out per lake.

Prime Time Bassin Big Bass tournament is set to begin January 1, 2023, at 12am and end December 31, 2023, at 11:59pm.

Entry will be $200 for each Lake for Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. With option for bonus.

Bonus will be $30 this will give you extra prize package for winning 1st in the month, Bonus package will be a gift card from County Home & Outdoors & custom fishing rod.

Amateur division for Toledo Bend is $125 per lake Monthly cash payouts only.

The monthly payouts per lake, will be based off number of entries for that lake.

O.H. Ivie and Sam Rayburn Amateur division CANCELED. 


!!!Help Lake Rayburn Fire Department!!!

Register for Prime Time Bassin Sam Rayburn between November 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023 and PTB will donate part of your entry proceeds to Lake Rayburn Fire Department for the purchase of a Rescue boat.

!!!Let’s help the West LA Veterans Memorial help the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).!!!

Register for Prime Time Bassin Toledo Bend and PTB will donate a portion of your entry fee to Help the West LA Veterans Memorial help the Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

Payouts based off number of entries per that lake for the year for Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend entry fee is $200.

100 entries

1st place: $1000 Plus with $30 bonus purchase you will get Bonus Package

2nd place: $250

400 entries

1st place: $2500 Plus with $30 bonus purchase you will get Bonus Package

2nd place: $1250

3rd place: $625

4th place: $375

5th place: $250

Big Bass of the Year for That Lake 100% Payback from the $30 bonus purchased for that lake!!

Amateur Division Payouts 2023

Scroll/swipe right for more payout tiers

50 entries
1st $375
2nd $125
100 entries
1st $525
2nd $250
3rd $125
4th $100
150 entries
1st $625
2nd $350
3rd $225
4th $200
5th $100
200 entries
1st $725
2nd $450
3rd $325
4th $250
5th 150
6th $100
250 entries
1st $800
2nd $525
3rd $400
4th $325
5th $200
6th $150
7th $100
300 entries
1st $900
2nd $625
3rd $450
4th $375
5th $250
6th $175
7th $125
8th $100
350 entries
1st $1000
2nd $725
3rd $500
4th $425
5th $275
6th $200
7th $150
8th $125
9th $100
400 entries
1st $1100
2nd $825
3rd $550
4th $475
5th $300
6th $225
7th $175
8th $150
9th $125
10th $75

Win Big Bass during one of the Outlaw Outdoors Team Series & be registered for Prime Time Bassin Sam Rayburn and receive extra $250 for that Big Bass from Prime Time Bassin


Payouts will change throughout the year as entries go up.

All bass must be weighed in at an official weigh station or on a state certified scale. Some tournament scales are certified: If using tournament scales, you will need to put tournament trail name in the weigh station section when submitting a fish. The tournament scales will be verified. Some tournament trails are listed in the weigh stations tab. Those tournaments trails have been confirmed to have certified scales.


Please go like our Facebook page at Prime Time Bassin, to keep up with latest news, update, and winners.

Please read our official rules and regulations.

More lakes could be added.

Sponsorships/Advertising with entries to the tournament available, for more information contact Prime Time Bassin through the contact us page


Official Tournament Sponsors

Go see County Home & Outdoors for all your outdoor needs.



No need to ship your scales off to get them certified. Call JPN and they will come to you. TDA License #622459

13816 Fm 692 Burkeville Tx 75932  409-565-4561

Buzzard’s Roost Restaurant

10311 RR 255 East, Burkeville, Texas


Recent Entries

WeightAngler NameClassWeight StationBody of WaterDate
7.26Tater ReynoldsOpenBuckeye LandingToledo Bend11/30/2023
7.04Ronnie BlandAmateurPrimetimebassinToledo Bend11/28/2023
7.04Ronnie BlandOpenPrimetimebassinToledo Bend11/28/2023
5.16Ronnie BlandAmateurPrimetimebassinToledo Bend11/26/2023
5.02Jordan CoxAmateurFin and FeatherToledo Bend11/09/2023
5.29Andre MartinOpenLiving the DreamToledo Bend11/07/2023
7.10Zane ParkerOpenBig Bass SlashSam Rayburn10/31/2023
7.39Justin MartinOpenKeith’s Toledo bend tackleToledo Bend10/27/2023
2.65Daniel MillerAmateurBuckeye LandingToledo Bend10/18/2023
2.65Daniel MillerOpenBuckeye LandingToledo Bend10/18/2023
4.49Jason BranhamOpenSealy Big Bass Splash Fall ShoutoutSam Rayburn10/14/2023
8.75Clint WadeOpenRTT TournamentSam Rayburn09/30/2023
8.05Kevin LasyoneOpenAmerican bass anglersSam Rayburn09/30/2023
6.83Andre MartinOpenKieth’s Toledo Bend TackleToledo Bend09/29/2023
7.02Tommy HillOpenPowell parkSam Rayburn09/28/2023
5.76Daniel MillerAmateurBuckeye landingToledo Bend09/26/2023
5.76Daniel MillerOpenBuckeye LandingToledo Bend09/26/2023
5.55Daniel MillerAmateurBuckeye LandingToledo Bend09/02/2023
5.55Daniel MillerOpenBuckeye LandingToledo Bend09/02/2023
7.31Daniel MillerOpenBuckeye LandingToledo Bend08/31/2023
7.31Daniel MillerAmateurBuckeye LandingToledo Bend08/31/2023
8.56Tater ReynoldsOpenBFL Super TournamentSam Rayburn08/30/2023
5.94Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend08/20/2023
5.94Jordan HollingsworthAmateurPrime time bassinToledo Bend08/20/2023
7.70Kevin LasyoneOpenBuckeyeToledo Bend08/06/2023
9.73Jimmie BoxAmateurBuckeye marinaToledo Bend07/23/2023
9.73Jimmie BoxOpenBuck eye marinaToledo Bend07/23/2023
10.17Ralph DupuyOpenLone star bass trailSam Rayburn07/16/2023
7.48Kevin LasyoneOpenBrandon belt the showToledo Bend07/10/2023
7.45Kevin LasyoneOpenBuckeyeToledo Bend07/10/2023
9.01Zane ParkerOpenPowell Park MarinaSam Rayburn06/30/2023
6.42Jordan CoxAmateurSouth Bend Fish FightsToledo Bend06/23/2023
11.53Kevin LasyoneOpenKeith’s tackleToledo Bend06/16/2023
6.92Tater ReynoldsOpenSealy Big Bass SplashToledo Bend05/31/2023
8.37Tater ReynoldsOpenMLF Toyota SeriesSam Rayburn05/31/2023
9.29Billy CloudOpenBrandon Belt tournamentSam Rayburn05/21/2023
7.47Wayne EbarbOpenSeally OutdoorsToledo Bend05/20/2023
10.01Jordan CoxAmateurKeith’s Toledo Bend TackleToledo Bend05/14/2023
7.67Gary WalpoleOpenNo Name Bass Club/ Tackle Zombie Outdoors Jacketpot TournamentSam Rayburn05/12/2023
6.92Tater ReynoldsOpenPrimetime BassinToledo Bend04/30/2023
8.14Brett WellmanAmateurPrime Time BassinToledo Bend04/30/2023
5.24Caleb HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend04/29/2023
5.34Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend04/28/2023
9.10Billy CloudOpenBig bass splashSam Rayburn04/24/2023
5.95Mark LegerOpenSam Rayburn Lake ViewSam Rayburn04/11/2023
6.24Don MurrayAmateurPrimetimebassinToledo Bend04/11/2023
7.75Stacy WadeOpenMedia BassSam Rayburn03/31/2023
12.11Tater ReynoldsOpenGame changer tournamentToledo Bend03/31/2023
8.46Jordan HollingsworthAmateurPrime time bassinToledo Bend03/13/2023
6.58Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend03/13/2023
8.46Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend03/13/2023
9.79Zane ParkerOpenJackson Hill Marina and ParkSam Rayburn03/06/2023
5.11Gary WalpoleOpenLake viewSam Rayburn02/28/2023
12.62Tater ReynoldsOpenMlf Phoenix bass fishing leagueToledo Bend02/28/2023
4.55Corey ChesserOpenLakeviewSam Rayburn02/26/2023
8.46Zane ParkerOpenLiving the Dream Guide ServiceToledo Bend02/11/2023
6.82Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend02/04/2023
9.70Ronnie BlandOpenPrimetime Bass ScalesToledo Bend02/04/2023
3.66Tater ReynoldsOpenPrime TimeToledo Bend01/31/2023
3.76Tater ReynoldsOpenPrime TimeToledo Bend01/31/2023
7.12Tater ReynoldsOpenMLF Toyota seriesSam Rayburn01/31/2023
8.68Tater ReynoldsOpenMLF Toyota seriesSam Rayburn01/31/2023
8.062Harold MooreOpenMLF Toyota SeriesSam Rayburn01/28/2023
8.187Harold MooreOpenMLF Toyota SeriesSam Rayburn01/28/2023
4.18Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend01/13/2023
6.04Jordan HollingsworthOpenPrime time bassinToledo Bend01/13/2023